Parabolic Bitcoin Bull Run Starts On This Day…

Today let’s talk about Bitcoin and why it may not be moving right now…but the Bitcoin halving day is coming up. TapBit (US …


  1. The government has really called things more difficult for its citizens, and we can’t sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance. It’s obvious we are headed for hyperinflation, it is always the poor who take the hit.

  2. Hey Crypto Rus ,stumbled upon your videos and thought you might find Ridotto intriguing! It's the world's first on-chain casino where you can not only play but also build and bankroll. Would love to hear your thoughts on this innovative platform!

  3. Sad to hear and see so much negativity when all George is doing is being himself talking about what ever he likes talking about, if you are one of those people go have a good hard look in the mirror and have a serious conversation with yourself, keep up the awesome work brother!

  4. you are a fool george. i gave accurate information with my channel and you and many others are just speculating on nothing but hot air. this is a bear market everyone so don't believe these clowns that get paid just for you watching.

  5. Injective is the blockchain built for finance and Injective labs has the connections to capitalize on the RWA narrative and onboard institutions. Injective is going to be absolutely huge.

  6. ok, so what explains $41k btc?…. I've been involved since late 2013… I've seen plenty of btc winters. We've also been pinning our hopes on a btc ETF…for years. I'm still very bullish…… but this is FRUSTRATING!

  7. It’s simple do the opposite of what everyone thinks is going to happen and you’ll make money, just when everyone loses hope on BTC, that’s when it will shoot up! And vice versa!

  8. George, would the fact that Mt Gox is now sending out repayments of the 2014 hack be pushing BTC down some? It is 138k of BTC. The repayments started the end of December. Nobody seems to be talking about it.

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