Pairs Trading

Today’s video will cover a hedge fund strategy that allows you to profit from a difference in performance between two futures …


  1. wow def never knew this existed…. very interesting but i thought this was a basic lesson on crypto pairs.. but i think i understand a bit… never heard of these futures contracts…thing. wow…. this is like contracts like gas or oil etc etc??

  2. Thanks for information. But, would like to clarify one thing. Should I use cross or isolated margin? Where I can find maybe screener for pair ratio, too stupid to calculate myself. And you’re talking about using highly correlated coins. As an example BNB and ETH, highly correlated. But if the whole market goes down and you short one and long another. You will get more on shorts but, is there any market conditions where I should use it and where it’s not recommended? Would be awesome to get any tips

  3. Got a whole page of notes out of this. Gonna watch a few more times than give it a go. Tempting to try on Forex too. Thanks for sharing. Planning to take your DN course after I exhaust the free content. I asked a few questions via email still waiting for reply. Look forward to hearing from you.

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  6. You are the truly definition of a big brain. I don't even get some parts of the stuff you are talking about, in fact I don't even trade coins,lol, but still thanks for putting out the content! BTW, what is your opinion on trading currency futures. Any reason why you wouldn't recommend one trading them?

  7. If you find a large funding rate (+ or -), would you benefit from opening contracts on the same coins Perp and Expiry contracts? Getting paid for funding on the Perp while opening a position in opposite direction on the Expiring Contract, effectively breaking even on the coin's price movements.
    I haven't tried this, so not sure how it would work out in reality.

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