Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading and Broker-Dealers Explained in One Minute: OTC Link, OTCBB, etc.

The waters of Over-The-Counter or OTC trading seem quite murky for the most part. Maybe because not that many people …


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  2. So the only way I can trade in Los Angeles is to get up at 3am? I can't just do the OTC market? This is too volatile for me. What about cryptocurrency? Do I have to rise with the East Coast time zone in order to take advantage of the market for crypto?

  3. All I heard is con con con con con – No thank you, too many negatives. I rather continue trading Forex and wait until Sunday. Just thought I could find something to trade on Friday and Sat. – Using $5k, 2 days worth, I made $1600 – so I think I am happy with that. Lots of small profits $20, repeat that 20x do the math – few big ones as in $500, $300 and less – I will not change my lot change, max to 0.5 to 5 lots. I wonder if you can make as much money with OTC

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  5. I just got ripped off by broker paying 2x excessive commision for australian OTCs..totally contradictory with the price per share, and it was closed without my consent. I say this to you – stay away from OTCs! only stick with regulated, classic stocks listed on an exchange.

  6. dumb ass just clarify for people instead of reading from the internet definition, otc is just over the phone trading, one institution calls another to buy or sell, and they have to agree on price , thats all.

  7. If an OTC is about to go onto NASDAQ (AUGX Oct 2021), should I buy before it goes, hoping for a rise? Or wait and let it drop? IN SHORT: Does an OTC typically rise first when it hits NASDAQ?

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