OMG Is Pi Network FINALLY TRADING on Exchanges? BEWARE! Watch this video NOW to keep yourself SAFE!

HUGE NEWS TODAY with @PiCoreTeam’s Pi Network! For the first time, two exchanges, XT and Huboi have now listed Pi …


  1. Surly xt must have a certain amount of pi that they are offering for when pi does go live to mainnet so they can at least cover what people have brought now 🤔 can you sell something you don't physically have access too that's if it's in mainnet or not 🤔

  2. I have joined pi network 2019 December ✌️
    No doubt the most unique community in the world❤️🎀
    I already locked my coin for 3 years 2025, i hope the everything is changed that's time 🙂
    Join us now is better than to buy tomorrow with huge amount, i will accept 314 dollars if i really want to sell

  3. IOU -> saya berhutang pada anda yaitu exchange berhutang kepada pembeli, adalah jelas itu koin kosong bukan yang asli, karena tepatnya sebagai pemesanan untuk mendapatkan di saat OM & Listting di exchange. Wait & see

  4. Very important video. But we have to see, that this isn't PI Network's fault. Hope PI will hit those actual prices, holding way over 5500 PI in my app 🙏

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