NFT's Explained in 4 minutes!

What are NFT’s? NFT’s are an innovation in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space that allows you to track who owns a particular …


  1. from start it is wrong explanation, NFT call NFT is not due to changeable or notchangeable, NFT is just special token that consist from only ONE token. That is the difference from regular token (that can be issued in 1000, 10000, etc) . ALL TOKEN (NFT TOKEN ALSO) ARE CHANCHEABLE!! ChangeABILITY is a key feature (on the DNA level) of ALL digital assets of the blockchain (tokens (NFT or not NFT) and coins). Again NFT is just – ONE token.

  2. I’ve read up on it, I’ve watched videos about it, I’ve heard celebs talk about it… but to this day I still don’t understand what the hell NFTs are haha

  3. Why would anyone want fake "ownership" of something like a tweet or digital artwork anyway? That's what bemuses me.

    You only "own" it if everyone else in the world (and the legal system) agrees that possession of the NFT means that you own it. Otherwise the NFT means nothing.
    Personally I think these might be more useful for things like online identity verification than "owning" stuff.

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