NFT Marketing Strategy That Will SELL OUT Any Project

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  1. Most important thing about this… just be yourself… learn, execute, evaluate the results, change what needs to changed, and then repeat the process again. There is literally no rush in this space just because you see top projects in the industry explode out of now where rn doesn’t mean some will completely flop out the wazzooo. The more we focus on what we are creating, the better the Nft community will be, let’s not push projects that are fads anymore with really no time and experience to back it. The next projects to blow up will be VR driven… not anytime soon but within 2 years hell yeah. Just my insight tho !

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  3. Can you check out the @Klysmio NFT collection. It's a 3D game playable collection that is fully compatible with Unity, Unreal, and VR. So you can take your digital identity to other games and apps. I think they could blow it up if they had the right marketing behind it. Maybe you guys can work together.

  4. Have you heard about the iguver project and their igup token? Because I have been following them for a long time and I am satisfied with the scholarly project and your opinion is interesting

  5. Hello sir I have a project ongoing thegurusnft we are creating financial education and and investment program for the people I need assistance in the marketing site and I need connection with genuine investors

  6. Have you heard about NFT 2.0? I know one IguVerse project, where I first heard about NFT 2.0 and it's very interesting. They also have a free mint whitelist draw. What do you think about this?

  7. so I heard about the story of "Weird Wales", Crypto Punk, and Goblin Town, let's be honest those weren't the most bomb ones nor they are even that nice in terms of illustration, but what this tells me is that it's not just the art, it must be around the story, the inspiration behind it. I noticed most of the successful NFT projects have really good backstory. One good example is Beeple's 15 years of selfies.

  8. I learned a lot. I recently minted nft my username on open sea is RocketLaunchfailedfeat_nft have a look if someone's interested.. Seriously I am still figuring out how I am going to get audience there..

  9. The hard thing about defi, crypto and NFTs is everything is going to end up being a copycat.. from growing your account to the utilities.. the only thing that will stand out is the art and the community support..

  10. I really want to do this but I don’t want to be like everyone else… “Project?” All I see that’s popular is cartoon animals. It’s over saturated. I can’t see a reason to make a collection where everything is a copy. i want to be random and make whatever I want.

  11. So what are the TYPICAL utilities, values, and strengths associated with an NFT project? I have the art, but you keep mentioning technical skills. What utility is there for TYPICAL projects beyond "you'll own a great piece of art"?

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