NFA E47: Bitcoin Halving, Ethereum, ETFs, Crypto Narratives & More!!

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  1. I can't imagine HOW a central bank would securely custody their bitcoin. With something like cash or gold, all you have to do to secure it is to lock it up physically in a secure way. An individual can securely "lock" their bitcoin up by memorizing a pass-phrase or hiding it among their possessions but as soon as you put it on paper or a computer screen, it can be stolen by taking a picture of it or hacking the devices where it is stored. That seems unmanageable for an institution.

  2. No surprise rob is launching his app on Solana. He literally participated in every major scam and he’ll get scammed again because he forgot the ethos of crypto. use to be a fan but it’s hard watching him make worse and worse picks over time

  3. Bitcoin value Manipulation, after Bitcoin ETF was approuved, by Executive of World Economic Forum, General Vernez former General Swiss Cyberdefense, Former Swiss Police Lorenzo Hutter (this two names never forget: Genocydes of hundreds innocent peoplo, each day). They are also responsable of uncountable operations like Earthquake in Turkey (90'000 deaths). Sabotage of hundreds transport trains like the danger train derail in Ohio, 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, secret manipulation to cause war betwen Russland and Ukraine, the list is so long of so many secret operation, and they hide behind to manipulate without be exposed, without leave a trace to their identity.

  4. Great job as always guy. I heard Rob mentioning Hypercycles and I checked their website but a glance at the team evaporated my enthusiasm. The ceo is called Toufi Salaba.I feel I could truly trust him to lead my next personal growth workshop but I can't say that he and his bearded crew really inspire cutting-edge AI blockchain tech

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