Next-Gen Ai That Might be a Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance (OnChain AI)

This altcoin might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Why? Because it’s not even out yet! Ai will be a HUGE narrative moving into the …


  1. Web3 Ignite IGNITE3 is the safest altcoin ever since its automatic algorithms stop paper hands, bot transactions, and bear markets. It will certainly reach $10 in no time.

  2. Ai wont be the biggest, payments/utility will be imo. Ai will be attacked by regulations more than utility. It will still do good but likely be held back.

  3. The Bank of England, plus 72 other Nations Reserve Central Banks have already stated publicly, that they will commence utilising Ripple XRP Ledger ( XRPL) in few months time !!! WIth All Countries on Board the XRPL by September 2023 , as per Brad Garlinghouse public announcement months ago .

  4. Let the paid content shilling begin. The more I see this kind of content from this channel, the less I trust any of it from him. Unfortunate. 🙁

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