NEW TRADERS PSYCHOLOGY ESE IMPROVE KRE #tradingview | Stock | Market | crypto | Trading | #shorts

NEW TRADERS PSYCHOLOGY ESE IMPROVE KRE #tradingview | Stock | Market | crypto | Trading | #shorts #youtubeshorts If …


  1. Investing provides a means of allocating money for the purpose of generating income or profit in the future. By investing, individuals can set aside funds while still engaging in their day-to-day activities, allowing their money to work for them and reap the rewards of their labor in the future. It is important to invest wisely, making informed decisions and carefully considering the risks and potential returns associated with each investment opportunity.

  2. now u can show how trading looks, but before most of ur shorts are focused on patterns. Most of ppl don;t understand what market is. You see only some bars and price go up or down. Even u can see trends, using few time frames to analys, but it ist still not enought. U write about psychology of beginners, but did u ever think about psychology of beginers and try to use it for your advantage?

    How to flush people down the toilet, cheat them and make money from them? That's what speculation is, after all, a competition in which everyone wants to take money from everyone. Either you are on the podium or you lose. Now consider if any patterns, technical analysis, trend lines, support and resistance will work knowing that on the other side there are people who see the same as you and want to take your money?

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