New strategy with zero loss : guarantee profit : new idea macd indicator

New strategy with combination of 3 free indicators. Fully guaranteed profitability in a new way. This strategy works in any time …


  1. what?? u must be kidding right? how do u know when to exit the position?? this is a joke, you mention some "take profits" based on something that is in the past. Are u a wizard or what? I cant believe that you pretend to reach the maximum take profit of each trade based on your imagination. FAKE STRATEGY

  2. The first indicator you showed activates on the close of the candle. You incorrectly placed your trade example (in fact every example) on the indicator candle which is clearly incorrect. Trade starts at open of next candle, clearly.

  3. Why does everyone post videos of closed candles? Why not post a vide in REAL TIME?? Of course you can go back in past movements to find the perfect set of candles that did exactly what you wanted them to do after the move is over.

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