NEW How To Setup FREE Binance Exchange Futures Bitcoin NEUTRAL / Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy

NEW How To Setup FREE Binance Exchange Futures Bitcoin Neutral Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy. Save 10% on your trades …


  1. It appears some low life scum bag is spamming the chat with a BS RECON Trader profile (They have zero vids or subs). Please note I would definitely never ask you to contact me via text or phone as I do not give that info out on YouTube.

  2. so this dude made 112% in 24 days and he wont say anything?? is this even serious? why would he keep talking about useless bots that are doing 10% a month? bitsgap shit and all the rest

  3. truly nice vid, dude O

    Btw, I wanna tell u that this Aloha DeFi is really awesome. I rarely see coins like these, but I truly think that this is a hidden gem that u can stake for NFTs.

  4. please, shoot a video about UnownSwap($UNOWN). It's the greatest yield farming product! They’re on presale now, I have never heard of them before. But I think it’s a wonderful idea to fill my bag.

  5. hi I would like to ask you a question in the old video with the old interface of the binance bot you did not check "close all positions in stop" instead in this new video you put it can tell me why this change thanks

  6. Please explain liquidity price concept. When using leverage of more than 5x, the liquidity price fall much more inside within the grids limits not respecting them. It is not using all the allocated money in the future wallet, you can add more money as margin which happens to set the liquidity price correctly outside the grid limitesbut after a time of recalculation it again moves back some mony into the wallter and the liquidity price gets closer to current price and I am always liquidated unless I´m constantly visualing the screen and reloading the margin from the futures wallet which makes the bot impossible to use it desattened. Please explain how this works in the background and how did you do to keep bot running for almost a whole month. Event though there are no drastic price movements withing the grid, it automally sets again again the liquidity price very close to current price and I´m always liquidated. Thasnk one more time for you excellent contents on all your videos

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