NEW Crypto Challenge – Lets Make Some Money ( Cast Your Vote ) Cryptocurrency Investing

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    NEW Crypto Challenge – Lets Make Some Money ( Cast Your Vote ) Cryptocurrency Investing

    There are 2 challenge ideas for the next crypto challenge on this channels, cast your vote in the comment section below and lets make some money πŸ™‚

  2. Not much talk of gems like $EFX yet. They moving to #BSC soon and have a real use case changing the future of work not to mention some massive partnerships with Kraft-Heinz and the United Nations

  3. Wazzup mate, nice review

    Have you heard about UnoRe? It is a decentralized coin}which is developing its own Dapp on oracle to make the insurance market easier to enter. Need to hear your prediction

  4. Nice video! I have heard mining is a good cool way to make money in #Crypto. I will study more about it. Small-caps coin are the great challenger this altseason. $EFX is a project you should not miss out on. Been there for a while but recent migration to the #BSC is a massive for a project with some of the best initiatives on the #blockchain.

  5. I need your prediction one more time, dude. Found an article about UnoRe. As I understand it, their aim is to make new the reinsurance market. Should I be interested?

  6. Anyone saying the covid-19 vaccines will bring about a big crash in bitcoin maybe still doesn't know how efficient bitcoin has proven to be….This is the future 😊

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