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  1. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Mrs Jennifer Rose..

  2. Excellent, I have seen this on NIFTY 50 Index in 5 min time frame.. It has given buy at 18218 and now it moved to 18500, still it is in buy mode only on 26 May 2023. Let me trade and give feed back..
    It also works for GOLD or FX trading?

  3. I became my own indicator..after 9 months daily. My brokers stop loss skips past at the worst times…so I monitor all trades. I stay old school.. rsi, dxy, volume at price, volume at time. This one has a few of the ingredients built in. The best experience is 2 hour or 3 hour. It is coincidental to my only trading hours.. early morning to 11am. Worth a try if you have no idea what to do. ..and keep it on a big etf or large volume result of the market

  4. This wil let you lose your all money if you dont have any knowledge about crypto. It is not like 8 years ago, all coins are now controlled by some people and they raise it or lower it as they want. %80 of these indicator signals are re-painting as it has to. So indicator is nothing if you dont follow the crypto news and other things all the time. Nope, that BTC is not going to 60K usd ever again like in the past. If you dont know a thing about coins, stay away from crypto. Using this indicator in the video will let you buy a coin almost at its top trend and it wil re-paint and suddenly the coin will go down before you sell it, and you will lose for sure.

  5. So your "perfect" indicator(s) always needs help from other indicators which makes the whole process very subjective and we are right back where we started. This is not how AI works. We the humans are still very much in the loop making the decision to buy or sell. Your AI is just getting in the way.

  6. You don't need to add the EMA neither the RSI… the Artificial Intelligence indicator already have in its settings filters for enabling the EMA and the indicator is already using 5 other indicators such as the RSI to issue the Buy/Sell signals, you can tweak all of these in the indicator settings. The only possible useful suggestion you have in this video is the exit criteria when the kernel line turns to a different color.

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