NEW Artificial Intelligence TradingView Indicator Gets INSANE Win Rate

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  1. I tried with pepe/usdt 5' this morning 3:55 wrong signal and 5:20 (may be far from demand line). I will test again but I think this is not a great strategy, you have better in this channel

  2. This channel is definitely not geared towards people wanting to learn to trade. Move too fast and talk too quickly. Thanks anyway and goodluck 👍🏽 maybe one day I’ll be back

  3. During a bear market, the headlines will focus on negative news, whether it's declining economic growth, geopolitical upheaval, cultural and legal turmoil, or some combination of all three. I listened to a podcast of someone that grew his reserve from $120k to almost $460k during this Red season, can you share tips on how to make such aggressive proceeds in short periods?

  4. I found this a very confusing video, with the many support resistant lines flashing on and off . Whic h were valis which were not? Also higher targets seemed to be reached but lower ones were taken as the outcome. Super confusing visually .

  5. If you have this setup and are watching a lot of coins on your watchlist, is there a way to receive a notification when the conditions are hit on any chart?

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