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  1. Just been going through your videos, and love your enthusiasm and honesty, i think everyone really appreciates what you do, it's people like you that help people like us who are new with no knowledge about Crypto little on know where to start. Fuck the haters as you said, but thanks for all the info you do help an educate us with!

  2. I respect you for admitting your mistakes. Also I admit I was pissed at you for Superior Coin but the coin is not dead but who knows where it will go. You do a great job in the very volatile and emotional world of cryptos! You are also very entertaining and funny so keep up the good work! Have a happy new year! Cheers

  3. Mate your suppa! They don`t have your charisma! Don`t worry about other people who say negative stuff ) You know that it doesn't matter ))

  4. The bear market conditions change viewers' needs – especially those who are highly inexperienced and have no or little idea about risk management. Yes you are loud (and occasionally obnoxious) but you have the humility to admit mistakes and to apologize for them – and that is great quality.

  5. I just saw the end of the video man👍 don't let these fucking Chodes🍄 bother you man!

    Your loudness is epic man!

    I am 17k in debt and i felt pretty scared about my future. Me and my mate started to talk about how good it would be to have brought bitcoin early. I did some research and found out about cryptos!

    I saw your videos and it gave me hope again! I feel pumped about the promise of cryptos and not just the money!

    Keep up the good work man!

    I worked at Vodaphone for 3 years, you help people and get fuck all. However, you can meet that one person that is appreciative and it makes it worthwhile!

  6. Don't worry about the haters, there are many people who are prone to emotional outbursts instead of sitting back and being objective. They knock people down without looking at their own lives first. Those of us with more than half a brain cell understand you have quality advice and are always willing to learn and share in the journey giving opportunities to grow together. Unfortunately there are some so bored with their lives they get jealous of people who work hard and try to further themselves and thrive on doing silly things for a response. Don't let them win, keep up your quality contributions. I certainly appreciate your advice. You mean a lot to many, don't forget that. You are important in this industry. Btw the song I believe is The Human League – Human. Even the haters are "human, born to make mistakes" ;). <3 0xee71974E52b86584A8Eaf3486A62B78235F715CB

  7. suppoman you rock man, you make the whole world of the cryptocurrencies interesting and exciting. don't take people seriously man , these cowards are the same worshipers who through stones eventually when it comes to rough times

  8. How do you spell Cryptocurrency? Is it with two r's or three? I've always wanted to know, but have been to scared to ask up until now. 0x19721Ec837203873C52B072AB2D98CA31D4535aF

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