My Plan To Make MILLIONS In Crypto In This Crypto BULL Cycle! [Ultimate Bull Market Strategy]

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  1. Sounds easy when you can just pick any altcoin that will triple your investment and then switch to Btc just before Btc pumps. The flip side of course is that the alt coin loses you money and you end up with less Btc.

  2. The video is clear, honest, insightful. Thanks. One thing that is open for question is, as you mention, how to time the exit, either is back into BTC of in the case of the end of cycle, back into fiat. When you compound with BTC pairs, do you aim for a certain target and simply exit when you reach it?

  3. Great video. Gonna watch again. But anyway you can explain how best to do the rotation back into btc and how to identify that time? Just added a lot of pressure. You create incredible results from small amounts. Didn’t realize the potential if compounding and rotation is done properly. Thank you

  4. Great again! I really thank you for sharing. With 8-10 alt coins and reading on X all the coins that grab your interest to invest, do you rotate coins during the bull run or do you follow different strategies for which you have different portfolios?

  5. I am a "left over" from the previous BTC cycle and carrying my bag for the the past 2-3 years. Since then, I've been trying to do self-education, build up my strategy and understand the ecosystem dynamics, heavily in the past a few months. Now, I'm in finally profit (in the USD value) but down 50% in BTC accumulation. This video was the last piece of puzzle that simply filled the blanks for me and one of the most helpful I've watched in months by far. I really appreciate you taking time to share your knowledge and experience Michael, happy to say I'm a lifetime follower now. 👊

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