My Plan To Make Millions In Crypto In The Next 100 Days! [Ultimate Bull Market Guide]

The crypto market is heating up, with Solana meme coins exploding, altcoins like SOL and AVAX rallying, and market sentiment …


  1. I’m hoping to end the rat race by 60. I’m 49, $600K net worth. I know money is a liability, not an asset. You have to exchange it for assets that represent real value. Real estate (properties for rent) Stocks (dividends) Bonds (interest) So, what is it with crypto?

  2. Miles i’m new to the space and planning to go all-in. For context I make on avg £100k per year. Looking to invest heavily in crypto.

    Are you free for a call?

  3. Also one other thing to keep in mind, aside from meme coins, most will have 2 or 3 peaks to sell very well, so take profit and maybe when the 4th or 5th big peaks comes, then you can sell.

  4. are these crypto Altcoins safe buys to outperform the market this year? Really tired of these new buys every week, just to make up some assets with low percentage on my $250k portfolio and try to keep everything around 20%. Need your help man.

  5. Miles, excellent video, thank you. I am fairly selective about who I pay attention to in the crypto space and always do so with a dose of caution. I will watch more of your videos, but looks like you may be one that I follow regularly, along with the likes of: Crypto Crew University, CTO Larsson, Ivan on Tech, Alessio Rastani. 🙂

  6. I am totally new in crypto. So, I have a question: Are you also take profits of Bitcoin and Ethereum in those green days and re-filling them in the red? I have bought 2BTC and 10ETH bought in February as a long term investment (5 to 8 years) , put on a cold wallet. But is this the right way to get the most money out of my BTC en ETH? And what should I do with them at the end of the bull-run…? It keeps me out of sleeping…

  7. In Serbia ex Yugoslavia we can buy crypto on binance but when you want to withdraw real money you don't have the option.Where you are born and live is big thing becuse if you live in EU or Usa you have chance for better life but if you are born in Serbia or Africa you are in deep shit.

  8. 18 min in the video, sorry, but where’s ads of markets? Referral link? Sponsored Ads of shit projects like Sam likes to do? I can’t focus on the strategy while waiting for a scam, but I still didn’t hear anything yet. I only hear monolyth knowledge. Let’s see for the last few minutes.

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  10. Hahaha we haven't even had a halving yet and you're telling people to take profits?? Mate we are going to see a 250k bitcoin this cycle mark my words.

  11. I'd really like to get into crypto lnvesting. I have about $145k set aside, but I don't know anything about this market. Would you please provide the best approach to make money as well as a trustworthy resource for advice? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Miles!

  12. Loved this videos! Thanks a lot! I'm on the crypto space since late 2018 when xrp went nuts for the first time. I've gained a lots of money, but almost lost it all with the Terra crash… I felt overwhelmed with all of these coins and the bear market was tough. Now you give me some clarity and easy ways to navigate these water. Thanks and keep it coming!

  13. I'm coming from a graduation in International Relations with a major in Investors Relations, plus a few years of actual experience on traditional value investing in the stock market. I gotta say, the way you are applying concepts and strategies to the crypto market is on spot! Thanks for sharing content like this. For me, personally, it is still a bit difficult to swap from a long term mentality to a shorter one, but with your content it is much easier to find motivation to do so. Looking forward to ride this bull market with you!

  14. Brother you forgot a super low cap AI project CZ is folowwing. It is called Chirpley, few days ago they signed with Nvidia, Google and Microsoft. Crazy, when people find this, it may 100X easily.

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