My Plan To Make Millions In Crypto In 2024 | 100x Strategy

There will average people becoming MILLIONAIRES in the next Crypto pump. In this video I’ll breakdown my plan to make …


  1. Hi! I’m excited to be here in your channel and I’m interested in learning more about investing and saving up for my retirement but am a little confused about the whole process. Any advice or tips to get me started up would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Acquiring a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. I’ve been trying to grow my portfolio of $160K for sometime now, my major challenge is not knowing the best entry and exit strategies … I would greatly appreciate any suggestions

  3. I'm considering trying an antidetect browser for cryptocurrency protection. How does Hidemyacc ensure the security of your data, and have you encountered any issues with transaction anonymity?

  4. Inevitrade Gems! Looking forward to be a member of your Discord for a long time to come. Appreciate the straight to the point video with no hopium and with transparency about the relative risks.

  5. It will be neither gamefi nor AI. Those narratives are already played out. The question you always gotta ask about a crypto project is: why does this need blockchain? Gaming doesn’t need blockchain. Matter of fact gaming can’t run on blockchain at least in the current state bc gaming requires millisecond processing, which doesn’t happen even on Solana.

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