My Investing Plan For 2023 – Bitcoin? Ethereum? Crypto? Stocks? Gold?

My investing plan for 2023 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, Stocks, and more! BYBIT 0% Maker Fees & $30030 BONUS …


  1. Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $472,000 within 4 Months with a capital of $200,000. keep it up Ricky!

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  3. Heard someone saying that the best season for financial breakthrough is now, especially with the inflation running at four decades high, I have approximately 250k stagnant in my portfolio that needs growth,
    Whats is the best way to take advantage this downturn or take advantage of these crypto market.

  4. Literally nothing you've ever suggested has been an "investment" Could you have made money timing out cycles of hysteria? Sure. Aside from that if you bought anything in the past 5 years you're down like crazy.

  5. People come here with the aim of chasing money more than knowledge and that will damage your progress, trust me. Chase knowledge first and I promise! The money will follow you just like it's following some of us now

  6. i’m only writing this because i might help someone.
    Buy Reits with your staking rewards.
    Almost every reit is down 50-80% YTD and they pay a dividen from the rents they charge.
    This rent can be used to buy more reits or BUY BACK YOUR CRYTO or what ever you want.
    But now you got 2 systems generating you passive income and you didn’t need to take from your earned income.

    You’re welcome <3

  7. <<<Staking inside your wallet unlike external investments really is the best rn. Blew my portfolio to 27k in a short time connecting to a validation pool. YouTube doesn't allow me write it fully, but check my display name and bio for my validator's contact.

  8. szép videó, kérem, mi a legjobb módja a kriptovaluta befektetés elindításának és jó nyereség elérésének, már egy ideje folytatom a személyes kutatásomat, és még mindig nem tudom, hogyan kezdjem el.

  9. With the current problem around the world today I think it's best everyone invest more in digital asset than Saving in banks, anyone you can manage don't live a life with no investment . Just my thoughts…

  10. DAO can funnel its stakers and rewards through Resonate custom-made-vaults, and stakers receive their rewards up-front while ensuring the same minimum lockup-periods and predictable rewards a home-grown system offers. Resonate finance

  11. I found this useful Lark so thanks. I am mostly BTC and Cash. Have some silver and gold coins. Have some deep underwater alts not worthwhile turning into BTC. Have some GOOG from 4 years ago and just bought one TSLA at $110. Value stocks with dividends sounds a useful diversification for me. Real estate rentals look like a lot of hard work and open ended risk to me here in my dotage. Maybe REITs? Need to look into interest on Cash to mitigate the inflation hit. Was wondering whether to get paper gold in my IRA to diversify there – don't like aiding and abetting rehypothecation and dilution of scarcity though.

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