My Favorite Swing Trading Strategy For Crypto (64% accuracy!)

In this video, you’ll learn to execute my favorite swing trading strategy for crypto. If you’ve been wanting a solid and profitable strategy to trade cryptocurrency, …


  1. The video and audio is out of sync. When you are showing local highs and lows in the chart, you have been talking about those 1-2 seconds earlier when the mouse and arrows were in different places in the chart. When I reloaded the video and continued, that was not the case. Not sure if that was a problem with my web browser, the network, or with the video.

  2. All very well looking through past data but unless this strategy has been backtested thoroughly,it's pretty much useless. Your engulfing candle/Bollinger band strategy might work on a few currency pairs doesn't necessarily work for crypto! In my experience, cryptos are very volatile and respond massively greater to news catalysts than anything else…

  3. I would really like to know how you're getting enough internet speed in Thailand to trade? I guess you're swing trading like your video says. There's no way to get any precision on entries and exits. Only three locations in the country offer any good internet speed: Phrae, Sing Buri, and Sa Kaeo. Would you consider doing a video on ISP's there and which one would you recommend? Thanx so much for sharing your skills and experiences.

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