My 2023 Trading Set Up // Why the MacBook M1 Max is the BEST Trading Computer

Quick Blog style video of my trading set up. Everything in this room (except the guitars) can be found on my Kit page: …


  1. Using native Java (don't use the built-in Intel binaries), I run ToS on a 8GB MacBook Air without issue. It feels faster than my PC, even with a bunch of windows.

  2. If you try to run 3 monitors with the new MacBook Pro thinkorswim , do you see charts candles delay to print or keep up with price , and lag to load charts?

  3. John, I'm about to start a trading set up and I also already on a Mac mini which I will use for charts and background. What laptop or computer would you recommend for trading on think or swim if you were buying one today?

  4. Hey bro I wanna ask if MacBook runs IQ Option website properly or not
    coz I'm thinking to get one for trading please help🙌🏻

  5. you are already saying it yourself: "too many open windows slows down the mac". And this is why in terms of $$ a mac is not the best usecase for trading. U payed like 3000$+ for your macbook and mac mini I guess. With the same amount of money you will get areally great tower pc +2-3 Monitors and I promise you that the pc can open 20 chart windows+ and you won't notive a performance issue.

  6. Hi I would love if you can answer this question….if you had a Mac Studio versus a Mac Mini 16gb, do you think you would need a two computer setup? Debating between the two.

  7. I am always amazed to see how many bells and whistles you guys need for trading. If that helps you make money, that is a good thing, but from experience it is rarely the case… A simple dom and a watchlist is all I have been using during those years of profitable liquidity providing, with only one additional screen for eikon news. It is not about having tools, it is about having the right ones.

  8. I trade Futures on Tradeovate, but use TOS for my charting, I am running a 2019 i9 32gb macbook pro. I have 4 externals running into a EGPU that has a thunderbolt cable come to my mac which also charges my mac. I wana switch to a m1 max, but everyone is saying TOS doesn't work well with m1

  9. Hi Jon. I ma a trader myself, and use a multi monitor setup. I am looking for a new Macbook and wanted to ask you regarding the 16 Max I see you running with the 32GB. Is it really worth to get the 64GB? Or you think no memory pressure with 32GB? Thanks!

  10. I was intrigued until you said you run 2 computers for this setup. I run 4 monitors (8 charts, main trading window with active trader with 3 additional charts, while streaming cnbc via hulu) all off of my Lenovo legion 5 pro (last year ryzen) and it’s flawless. Thank you for confirming Mac has got a long way to go for a trading setup.

  11. Off topic comment.
    What can you advise on prop firms?

    As I understand it, working with topstep makes no sense because they pull money from people. What about leelootrading and apextraderfunding? Are there any other companies you can work with without problems?

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