My 10 BIGGEST and Most EXPENSIVE Investing Mistakes

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  1. This is such an interesting and awesome video, thanks for being so transparent. I can vouch for the S&P 500 one, I’ve always invested fairly aggressively into emerging markets ETFs and small caps and would be much better off now if I’d simply bought the S&P 500.

  2. Thank you for a great video ! So far I’ve not made too many mistakes, a loss of around £1-1.5k in crypto being it really (so maybe a 1% loss of my overall stocks and shares portfolio). I’d say my biggest mistake, as you allude to in your video – was not getting invested sooner (as I had the funds to do so!).

  3. Great video Chris. I’m quite a bit older than you. My biggest investment mistake: I owned shares in ICI and they de-merged a you could have shares in this company or money I unfortunately chose the money. The new company was called Zeneca which later merged with Astra AB to form AstraZeneca and I would be a millionaire

  4. Thank you Chris for this coming out I respect a lot that u find а courage to share your mistakes. It makes a difference between just blogger and true trader. I did same mistakes and lost thousands. Sad …But Im still alive and playing 😂 ❤

  5. Awesome video chris.. thanks for being honest.. I think the old time investors are correct when they say. Don't bet against the s&p..its proving wall street wrong again today.

  6. Thanks Chris. You make the mistakes so we don't have to 🤣 A few costly mistakes of mine were buying dodgy shitcoins and penny stocks in the past that have basically gone to zero! Still, the absolute biggest investing mistake I have made is – not starting sooner! If I knew then what I know now about the power of compound interest then I'd have started investing as soon as I had a spare £5!

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  8. Man your luck is jinxed.
    My mistakes:
    1. Spending so much money swapping stocks
    2. FX
    3. Selling up as i got scared hearing the supposed experts that claim a stock crash is happening.
    4. Picking stock that having large %growth and wondering why my stock is now down
    5. Not deciding a strategy (ETF, Dividend, Accumulation, dolar costing)
    6. Not just sticking to investing and leaving it alone.
    7. Failing to understand that the more single stocks you have the more fees you have.
    8. Not simply picking SP500, An world ETF and a Bond ETF.

    My golden rule is diversify your savings.
    1. Rule get rid of all debt as fast as possible first (over pay mortgage, Credit cards every month full, Loans) until this is sorted this is priority. You cannot be independent until debt free. This opens up so much opportunity and reduces your risk factor when investing. Also when you pay your first property off you have Capital and independence (you have Wealth) This can be very useful in later life if you need to think about nursing home fees and care) That's your buy in for hopefully better care when you need it.

    2. 20% Rule (20% mortgage, 20% living expenses, 20 % savings/pension, 20% Emergency fund, 20% on yourself self

    3. Diversify your savings in many investment options.

    4. Put any bonus money (lottery, inheritance, windfalls) into the 20% rule

    5. Savings priority for us is (in my opinion): Pension, SIPP, Premium Bonds,ISA, Stocks.

    6. If you receive spare cash (get a 2nd income property as a nest egg, business, etc)


    8. Do not live beyond your means. If you cannot afford a new car every year or a big flash house then do not buy beyond your income. See so many people trying to keep up with the jones and failing to realise to create wealth you need to have a steady income that you can invest with over time to have a comfortable retirement early. Blowing money on expensive clothes and jewellery and expensive holidays, etc.. won't make you money. Work, save, enjoy later.

    Compound Interest on Debt is your enemy, Compound interest on Investment is your friend.

    Me and Wifes strategy so far:
    We have 2 properties (one we live in one i rent out at 6% ) just 6k left to pay off (we do not have a huge 1st house, just modest)
    4 Pensions (will take at 60 &67, 2 DBs 2 DCs)
    1 SIPP (to be used as a top up for early retirement
    2 PBs (one full one with 5%)
    2 cash ISAs (emergency funds)
    1 Stock ISA

    We take out each month the pay cheques from the current joint account, that gets paid in by our employer, Pay debt first and rest goes into a savings account for compound interest (never leave the cash in a current account) then the bank is making money of you)

    This strategy has worked well since we married in 2006. I was useless and lived paycheque to paycheque with zero savings and alot of debt in loans (student and bad credit card debt) as soon as i got this under control my life changed. My whole attitude to saving changed. I'm more money savvy now than the Wife.

    When saving you need to realise that slow and steady is key. Get rich quick will only get some anonymous trickster rich at your expense.

    We expect to have combined wealth with pensions and savings that will give us a comfortable/luxury living, leaving work at 56.

  9. When I first saw the title of this video I thought "oh, these will just be typical mistakes that are obvious", but there is actually a lot of interesting things in here. You should consider doing videos on each one, especially the crypto ones as I think a lot of people are blinded by loud minority of successes and/or the scammers trying to make it seem successful that are out there.

  10. You can't learn without making mistakes. Many great investors such as Dalio or Ben Graham got badly burned in market crashes but it only made them better. I made some too at the beginning with crypto and overvalued tech stocks but luckily they were small positions.
    I then turned to value investing and Buffet's approach of getting rich slowly and so far it has worked for me.

  11. Mine was overtrading small amounts when I was a new invester on a platform that charges per trade. I have a rule now 1 trade per month or 2 if there is an amazing opportunity

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