Most EVIL Crypto Company Taking Over (Circle's SECRET Plan)

Who’s behind one of the biggest companies in crypto? Today we’ll be looking at Circle and the evil backing behind it and what it …


  1. You didn't really think that the big banks were just going to bow out gracefully, sit on the sidelines did ya! This is a get right or get left situation. They're not going anywhere but to the top. If you can't beat em….

  2. Seems like you won't be satisfied until every crypto institution is burned to the ground and crypto is so crippled that it would never recover or at least not for decades. Some people don't have decades to wait for a decent return on what they have put in to crypto. Killing off the whales doesn't seem like a good strategy.

  3. i approve what bitboy opinion usually but this time i think he know much more bout sbf then noah chomske, do your researsh better before you talk about what you dont know , noah chomske always advocate against the establishment, get your facts right

  4. @2:50 to understand exactly this video is dumb. I mean how can you take anything seriously when one of the last great intellectual thinkers is reduced to a guy who wrote a book about anarchy?

  5. Centralisation in its grandest form. They screwed the fiat world and now have their sights on digital domination 👺.. peace and prosperity to the people, decentralisation is the true way forward 💸. The numbers are in our favour, make it happen ✌️🦘

  6. Hi Ben, generally love your investigational work, but you got Noam Chomsky terribly wrong. Socialist or whatever, he has always been very critical of the US war mongering abroad and interfering with people’s freedom at home.

  7. Come on man you can't be that naive you claim to be the biggest name in crypto influencers. If you don't think Goldman Sachs and all the big banks are running the show , you are one extremely naive or two really out of touch with reality. I mean it is a shame it's all corrupt I've been in this game just as long as you have and I figuring out a long time ago you've been hurry up and make your money because it's all about the end… on Wall Street where all the money goes

  8. Thank you so much for all of you expert knowledge and with keeping up and even staying a step ahead as crypto becomes part of this world and always helping the rest of us go forward with real info. We are really at war with the 'powers that be' and it's time to put them in the corner. You're really making a difference for the good of this world!

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