More Profits than | Bitsgap Crypto & Bitcoin Trading Bot RETIRED ME at 30! | BEGINNERS :)

In this video I talk about how the Bitsgap Trading Bot is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin for long term gains in this …


  1. Hi Mr. Aoki. We just had hard bitcoin flash crash on 12-4-2021, 12:25am EST. This not only hurted bitcoin, but hurted the altcoins even more. Can you post an updated video of your crypto bots performance? We all want to see how the bots perform in these kind of violent movements.

  2. Good video…thanks for sharing. A couple quick questions: 1. Why would you close a bot making nice profits? Do you track daily returns, or anything like that…to tell you when a bot is ready to close? 2. When it comes to grid levels, do you always adjust the grid levels, and let the percentage / step rate calculate for itself? (I've been doing it the other way, backtesting with different rates). 3. Do you prefer bots trading for BTC or ETH, or do you also trade for stablecoins. (I've been using bots mostly to gain USDT). 4. All this works great in a rising market. What do you do when things turn bearish (like now). Thanks again…

  3. Hi Satoshi Aoki, why don't you sell at the end of each day and use compounding effect? Say with the Bot you make 30% a month, ie 1% a day on your initial investment (I dont think bitsgap compounds your profits) and you start with $1,000, ie after 1 month you would have $1,300. Why instead dont you sell at the end of each day, take the 1% profit and reinvest it into the same bot. After a month you would have made 35% instead of 30%. Am I missing something?
    Thank you

  4. What a joke, look at his investment, he is trying to hide that, 54k….lol….so just assume if you going to invest 500 to 3000 dollars, you might as well keep in bank

  5. Hi! New to bitsgap and just trying to start out. I only have 2500 to invest with at the moment. Any suggestions on what i should do on terms of how many bots and how much for each one? I know its investing and its a gamble but wanted to know what my profit return could look like in a month for the amount im investing in. Thanks a bunch 🙏

  6. All this is true but there was alot of chatter so let me help those who want to know the nitty gritty. For starters 3:10 might not be totally truthful. You can have a total profit as X dollars and be at a total loss. As well his investment is also misleading. I can have 2k and keep opening and closing bots and my investment numbers will rise. His examples are 16 active and you can see the most of his balances. That is disappointing because I thought this guy is on the up and up. Be legit. I make almost 50-100$ a day per coin and you need to know what exchanges to use as well. On binance you want your grid step around 40-49% you Lower price should be hourly past resistance and upper is the same. Grid levels are not a need to change if you did what I said. Trailing up on and I do use stop-loss. Then backtest. Never just start. Adjust to get maximum profits. You can research a coin or use the examples bitsgap provides. If you see what I said was legit and you made some coin send me a BTC thank you for a cup of coffee. 3BHedA43TBTkYRNf2KnupmCL3FJQ1p6eW6

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  8. Can't know how I bumped onto this. All in all Damn good video 🙌🙌. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool info about similiar money making things on his vids.

  9. I like your strategy except for one factor. Not setting a stop loss will eventually get you wrecked after the bull market comes to a close. I would recommend at least a 10 % stop loss. Unless you have another method to prevent this. I would like to know your thoughts.

  10. Hi I have a question. Can you protect from price dropdowns in some way? On the jumpscare of April 18th my bots stop loss happened and I lost the money I had earned in the last 10 days. What is the strategy to protect against that? Maybe be adjusting stop loss as it goes?

  11. Im waiting for some of my crypto to be free to start using this bots!!!
    All the offline bots im running are doing exelent!!
    Thx for this bro!!!
    When i start using it ofcourse im using your link!

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