Mohnish Pabrai CRYPTO TO ZERO? | Cryptocurrency Crash? | Value Investing Mindset

In Part 3/4 in our interview with Mohnish Pabrai, we spoke with him about Tesla stock (TSLA), hype, and crypto. Today, we’ll take a …


  1. Andrei jikh is an absolutely idiot when it comes to investing. We need to make it clear that this guy did not get rich investing. He got rich entertaining people on youtube with camera effects and magic tricks while talking about topics he is Clueless on. Basically a overpaid clown, there seems to be alot of those on youtube. Maybe I should start a youtube channel, that seems to be the secret to getting rich. Just click bait people and talk about speculative investments all day like Andrei and that other clown meet kevin.

  2. Imagine the carpet gets pulled out tonite and tomorrow everybody’s wallets are worthless. But then again, what is nothing really worth? Soon the populace will become cognizant of the Emperors wardrobeal situation.

  3. YOU are making a great video and I am watching you all the time, but please make a research about Bitcoin, it never wanted to replace dollar or any other fiat currency.

  4. In back to back videos these to bitchs run their dick lickers about bigger creators to get more eyes on their channel. As far as bitcoin goes the bitch in the grey that needs a sports bra owns shares in a company that owns shares of baba. A Chinese company that by their laws does not have to report accurate numbers to anyone but the Chinese government and can't be audited by anyone outside of China. So why the fuck should anyone listen to hypocritical bastards. Im betting those 8 pillars are made of crayons and paste.

  5. i totally agree with your stance. the amount of times i have heard that cryptos are going to replace everything and tesla is undervalued is unbelievable

  6. Great video, a good representation of all contrary arguments against DeFi. It is true that the contrarian view is less popular. But, being the underdog and also not understanding the technology does not make you right. I think the analogy with the internet bubble is great. Most of this "coins" will go to 0. But the world will change, and it will not be a government coin like you say, just as the internet did not get "banned" and replaced by a government network. I really doubt you have the slightest clue about the nature of the technology.

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