Mining On The M1 Pro – Insanely Efficient

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  1. Actually another laptop GPU like the Nvidia 1660 gets similar speeds. But the machine I borrowed to test on only had 4GB VRAM so it could only do Ethereum Classic, but the hashes per watt were not far off… just about double the power for double the hashrate… not that laptop mining is a wise choice though. And of course, non M1 laptops (like a Windows or Linux laptop) don't freeze up like that because the memory bus is not shared between GPU and CPU… that is the down side to Apple's design decision, one processor can hog all the memory bandwidth. Good way to stress test a system though.

  2. 05:50 Profitability is greater if you hold your coins and sell them lets say after 5 years. How do I know? I mined at a loss in 2019 but in 2021 coins went up 5-20x. So at the current prices you need 17 years to break even, but in few years it can come down to 2-5 years and Mac have paid for itself.

  3. Okay, so I am not using the method you explained in this video, because I am not using an M1 and I kept getting errors. I have a 2019 mac pro. You can see below in my last comment that I left the stats of my mac pro. Anywhooo, i'm mining at a rate of 5934.4 H/s. I am new so I have no clue what that means. My power consumption is 38 watts. I did your comparision and it's telling me that I will make $2500 per month. Does this sound correct or am I getting the numbers wrong?

  4. For anyone trying this at home, to make it faster close all apps you have open(or that have a little dot underneath them) by clicking on them, and pressing Command + Q

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