Millionaire trader gives away his secret trading strategy

In this video, you’ll learn how a millionaire trader has been able to make millions of dollars over the past few years using a secret …


  1. He really said it in a way that won’t give away what he’s talking about. He knows what’s up fr. But he’s just saying it in a way that will still have the masses dumbfounded.

  2. He’s basically saying to trade counter- trend. In my experience, that has failed me several times. I prefer to trade with the trend and get out when the move exhausts itself.

  3. Now this is a proof that not all successful and pro traders you see in YouTube doesn't actually give there own strategy they're just teaching you how to make your own strategy😊

  4. 😎Approximately 60% of traders don't use a Stop Loss, so a fake continuation in the previous direction, followed by a sharp reversal traps losing traders as they watch their accounts bleed out. Rinse and Repeat👀🤯

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