Millennials are Buying Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Adoption Is Coming)

Most people know what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are and feel comfortable explaining them to others. But the true bitcoin fans …


  1. Institutions will move to XinFin (XDCE)! Everyone should research how the hybrid Blockchain protocol will be better than Bitcoin, has developed dApps already and has a stellar team!

  2. Crypto adopted as a large scale payment solution will only happen when the receiver wants to hold on to the crypto and not immediately convert it to traditional fiat money. And when volatility drastically decreases. The Starbucks hype will never come to fruition. The current cypto market is valued around 200B – this is tiny and hardly of any concern to nation states. However, should the market explode exponentially we will see much heavier regulation and the elimination of privacy / anonymous transactions. Good video.

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