MicroStrategy Domination with Bitcoin #money #stocks #investing

American HODL talks about the game changing Bitcoin strategy of Michael Saylor and his company MicroStrategy and how it may …


  1. Every person/company in history who tried to corner any market, flopped… Because in the end, you have no one to sell to, there were no buyers at very high prices.
    The higher the price, the lower number of buyers.

  2. Other companies like GameStop could 100% benefit from putting its free cash flow into BTC, not sure why Swan would highlight a clip that doesn’t promote company’s putting BTC in their corporate treasury

  3. Microstrategy was a HELL OF A LOT MORE than a “Zombie company” prior to purchasing Bitcoin. It was a reputable, profitable company who created innovative products! Unfortunately their profit was in fiat currency and was bleeding out due to inflation. Your IGNORANCE of the stock market is GLARING!!!

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