Mechanical Trading System: The Exact Rules I Use To Trade

A mechanical trading system tells you exactly what to do at all times, with zero emotion. In this video, I’ll walk you through a set of …


  1. Your videos are excellent and I do have a strong issue. However, before wasting your time or mine on a call, please answer 2 questions: 1). Is your fee one time or ongoing? 2) How much is your program? Thanks!

  2. With technical analysis sometimes we see what we want to see couse we want to make money and sometimes just enter the market ๐Ÿ˜‚ is mechanical rule strategy is like 1:0 to go short or long based on few confluences that leaves no doubt which way to go? Is your strategy is a type of "systematic trading". Would it be possible if you could share one strategy to follow ( not for free of course: -) just for start to find if that suits me before buying platinum course? Thank you

  3. Does this mechanical trading system apply to stock markets in Canada, UK and USA? Does it apply to day, swing and/or position trading? How does it find the best stocks to trade? (Scans?) How does it notify the user of the entry, stop, and target prices?

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