May 18th | Kite Crypto TA & Trading

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  1. The <volatility of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies makes any kind of price prediction notoriously difficult. After an up-and-down few months for the market, analysts appear divided over which way it heads from here. Some believe we are in a cool-off period that will see the price slide to yearly lows, while others predict new all-time highs before the end of 2022. So choosing the right strategy is very important when diving into Crypto, in other words it is important to have a plan! trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility, I have been able to make 23 BTC in just few Weeks of trading all thanks to exclusive signals from Roy Gillies, a renowned trader that is way ahead of his time. Roy Gillies runs a program for people who want to ҽarn by trading.

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