Master Fakeouts and Trend Reversals – Easy Strategy!

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  1. Shut up and tell us which time frame is this you guys give half knowledge and watch people loose blow their account if you want to be trust give the time frame, most strategists doesn’t work on all time frame bigger is different from smaller time frame please be specific 419.

  2. I loooked at this video and it is funny to see different colors in candlesticks. This chart is a daily EURUSD (22nd of June 2023 till. 24 of July 2023) the three last candles after going short on it, in my broker I see the doji red instead of a green doji, the second daily candle in my broker it is still a red doji, Why is that?

  3. There is no such thing as mastering fakeouts. in reality you can't tell if a setup would result to a takeout until it does. It is sweet to explain forex with history chats until it happens in reality

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