Master Candle Trading Strategy…Excellent Candlestick Pattern For Intraday Trading

Master candle trading strategy is explained in this video which is an excellent candlestick pattern for intraday trading. Master …


  1. Soheil can we please get a video on Understanding and applying the Fibonacci tool please. I’ve understood everything you’ve taught this far and I think this will help me in advancing as a trader.

  2. Hello Soheil, at 03:15 you said that 'if the master candle is red and price closes below the low of master candle….". I want to ask whether the colour of master candle matters or it is just the CLOSING which matters? Do we need to see both the closure(above/below) and the colour of master candle or just the closure of the candle breaking above/below the master candle's high/low?

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