Massive Bitcoin breakout. 50k BTC price targets

BTC Bitcoin Technical Analysis I tell you why I’m expecting higher prices to come, closed local short trades and remain bullish.


  1. The average person will not win in this game, no matter the guru unfortunately, social media can be very one sided… be cautious. At the very least don't trade with more then $1 until you can see your real results after 20 trades, here is the key, in real time only, not back testing results.

  2. Counting from 24900s, equal 1,3 Elliotte waves were formed by 28600. Did a quick research and found out that this scenario results in an extended wave 5 up. Really didn't expect it to be this precise. Even though the fib level suggest about 33100, this is still astonishing.

  3. Thanks for the update Daniel. You are still the best level to level trader in the world. Anchored vwap from 15.5k holding strong. The anchored vwap from ATH never been retested. Could offer a really nice short.

  4. I think daniel you were too quick to call for 50k, especially whats happening with traditional markets…if anything im seeing a massive dump incoming on the upcoming weeks

  5. Bitcoin looks like it may be forming an SFP on the daily, if this is the case i'm assuming this bias may change? I don't have access to chart champions, but I can imagine that these youtube videos are delayed compared to the updates on the discord. I'd love to get a membership, havent been able to yet. Enjoy your content, and your insights.. Cheers mate.

  6. Hi Daniel; love your accuracy; u mentioned that u had a longer term bearish bias previously; is that still in play or is it more likely we go up from here? Did not hear any mention of 50k in the video itself so am a bit confused 😂

  7. Title like this will get noobs rekt. I thought you guys were done doing these. I appreciate your content but as someone that suffered from emotional weakness seeing this type of titles I just want to express my disappointment 😞

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