Market Cipher Scalping Strategy | Bitcoin Trading For Beginners

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  1. for those just trying out this strategy to see if it even works I highly recommend VMC Cipher B on trading view. Its legit the same exact indicator but is free instead of 1500 dollars

  2. If your investing experience is less than 10 years, start with 4-6 portfolio. Don't bet big on any single company, learn the process first. Initial diversification is not bad, it really worked for me during my earlier years. Remember that protection of Capital is a must, Good luck

  3. I was curious how you use MC for scalping but that whole support and resistance constantly moving and drawing random lines and saying this support was broken and this resistance level was broken is nonsense. Price moves a certain way for a reason and it has nothing to do with drawing and constantly moving “support and resistance lines”. PVSRA candles will give you a clear picture of how price moves and why it goes to certain areas. Even with MC there is a clear W pattern on the chart that will show you price is about to blast off. MC is a great added confluence tho.

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  8. thank you so much for this video cf makes itlook so easy,its not as you said using just the dots for confirmation,im newish and just got mc,am doing average or less atm so chose to stop trading and get as much info/knowledge as i can ..its making a big difference..i thank you for this video..subscribed..

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