Making $100 a Day – Day Trading Cryptocurrency Tutorial for Beginners (2022)

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  3. Aint no way bro, ive been learning stock options and after watching this im boutta start learning cyrpto trading, it seems much simpiler and would love to use that leverage trading to find those hits.

  4. Is anyone able to trust LuxAlgo? I tried it MULTIPLE times and it's just frustrating. Sometimes I receive a STRONG BUY and the price just dips. I really don't trust it. Is anyone else doing well with LuxAlgo?

  5. Success Depends on the action or step you take to achieve it. Show me a man who has no investments and I'll tell you how soon he'll be broke. Investment is to build a safe paradise for the Future.

  6. Although 2022 was a crazy year for a lot of people, it was one of my best year in terms of earnings. Made over $300k from an investment of $40k . I followed guidelines my financial advisor put in place for me and it yielded positively. I’d advise anyone looking at making passive income with spare money to invest in stocks.

  7. Made a couple of gains trading some altcoins this week, I am a beginner trader so I am taking it easy with the amount I am investing and not leveraging too much😂
    I am also currently trying my luck trading ETF with a minimum of 500 USDT on MEXC, hoping to win the USDT airdrop reward

  8. Eddie I love your trading videos. I have watched the past two tutorials as well. I started this strategy and have been doing well with a small portfolio. In this video you mentioned patterns, trend lines, supports and resistance. It’d be cool to see a moderate-advanced tutorial for this strategy. Thank you for all your work.

  9. Everyone needs more than their salary to be financially stable. The best thing you can do with your money is to invest it properly, because the money left over to save always ends up with no return.

  10. it's crazy af you make videos like these knowing full well we are gonna move sideways for the next few years. It's one thing if your channel only got views from experienced traders with a fat bag (10k or more) to day trade with and not mind losing. But, that's not the case, the people that watch these videos are broke wanna-be moonboys that are gonna lose bad off click-bait videos like this with you shilling so you can get paid.

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