MACD INDICATOR EXPLAINED (Trade with the trend)

In this video we take a more detailed look at the MACD indicator. The MACD indicator is a highly effective tool to trade with the …


  1. Sir, I did read your books & watched your interviews/videos.Do you recommend using faster settings on MACD eg 6, 13,9–that would make MACD more responsive to current price action & give us earlier signal to get in.Thank you.

  2. i still didnt understand why to use macd and when to use macd if price will already move i can easy spot that from my eyes and take a trade what is the use of macd , please anyone please explain , so why i was learning about indicator coz i want to take trade on 200 ema if a dogi is formed but if dogi not formed then i want anyother thing to support with 200 ema so that i can take trade confidently

  3. The wisdom here is remarkably compelling. A book with akin insights promoted significant development in me. "Mastering Money Mindfulness" by Benjamin Hawk

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