Lux Algo Smart Money Concepts: 1 Minute Scalping Trading Strategy That 100% Works

If you’ve been looking for a perfect smart money concepts tool that can identify market structure in real time and give you highly …


  1. mate, those are not FVGs, those are order blocks. the concept of Fair Value Gap is based on something else and is displayed differently by Lux Algo. I know cause I am an user for 2 yrs now. those order blocks act as S/R levels.

  2. If it's me,i would enter Choch when the candle give second confirmation wich is it need to break the first or the second candle after the Choch signal is given,or simply wait for FV to appear and enter when there is a rejection,but i usually use the first method,and i often use the equal high and low for breakout trading,the method is the same as when i trade Choch.

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