Luno: how to buy and sell and trade Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) on the Luno Exchange- For Beginners

Thank you for watching the video. If you feel it could benefit someone else looking to start owning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies …


  1. Thank you so much for this video… You are such a humble soul 💓 and your explanation is very clear… I've been struggling to understand from other videos but you made me to understand very quickly… God bless you more🙏🏼✨🌟

  2. For a few months now I have been searching tirelessly for information on how to start investing. I even payed $1000 for a course that I now regret. It appears that there is no structured guidiance for beginners on how to get started in this realm. I've come across several investors making well over $250k/annum and would be grateful if anyone on here could provide insights on how to get started, identify potential stocks, when to make an entry, exit etc.

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  4. Thank you for the video. Wen you put a buy and wait for the price to accumulate, how long can you wait until you can sell ? Do you stand to lose your "buy" order ie is there an expiration when u are still on the buy. For example you need the price to push up to x amount then you can sell.
    Basically my question is when you buy how long are u allowed to wait, what's the longest max time to hold before you sell and take your profit

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  6. I have been making losses trading myself….I thought trading on demo account is just like trading the real market….Can anyone help me out or at least advice me on what to do?

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