Luna Manipulation REVEALED (Top 50 Crypto Project Calls It Quits)

Today we will be discussing the recent developments in the search for Terra Luna’s infamous Co-Founder, where in the world is …


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  2. To Ricetvx – I can believe what nonsense he said about researching the crypto projects 😂🤣 terra Luna was in the top , he made lots of people to think we are silly but what about Celsius ?$$$$ and I’m sure that he also lost money on those two projects . I will not listen him ever again -"genius "

  3. Can people please order the 5 coins tht should not be missed out on longterm. In order of value, most valuable-least valuable. Would be interesting to see how different people choices differ. Thanks if u took time to read this and good luck👌💯

  4. I know BTC is a shitcoin but why do they suspect it will drop even lower than the last "cycle" high? I wonder why Eth hasn't burned off in a while. That is what should spark a bull run. Since Luna is an algorithmic stablecoin, I think it should correct back to $1, so that may be a good play.

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