Long Trade vs Short Trade (Explained In Less Than 4 Minutes)

Often when listening to experienced stock traders discuss buying and selling stocks, many will say they are “long” or “short” a …


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  2. There is something that I do not understand.

    At 2:33 seconds, he explains that if you put in a SHORT and the price starts to rise from $100 to $200,

    You lost 100% of the capital invested in those same operations, right?

    What I don't understand is that if the price goes from 100 dollars to 300, you shouldn't lose more than 100 dollars because you have a Liquidation price.

    That is to say, if I put 100 dollars in Short, and the price starts to increase and I touch the liquidation price, the operation should end there without debt to the Broker.

    someone explain that to me

  3. Do I understand this way? For long position, one must be ready to pay for the shares. Sell as and when the desired price is reached.

    For short position, one can sell without owning the share, but has to buy on the same day to square off the position.

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  5. Finally I understand short selling shares, thanks!😁👍

    Two questions:
    1.Why does some people say short
    selling is unethical?
    2. Can you make a stock decrease simply by short selling?

  6. THANK YOU!!
    So basically, when I enter a "futures trade", and I see the BUY/LONG and SELL/SHORT buttons, the BUY/LONG button is only a means to offset the initial SELL/SHORT position and close the trade.
    We don't borrow from the brokerage using the BUY/LONG position.
    Is this correct?

  7. Sir, I am requesting you i realy learn in deeply to take knowledge of index future option call put , stock future option ..buy and sell , short and long unwinding ..please bring one vedio and circulste to learn

  8. Short is basically keeping your money on a still position after selling the stock to the person and rebuy it at a low price. Kind of depreciation with no loss.
    Correct me if I'm wrong… pls

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  11. Wow man absolutely amazing video i was so confused when i see day traders making profit when the candlestick on the chart goes down now i understand well done man such a helpful video❤❤❤❤❤

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