Logan Paul's NFT Crypto Game CryptoZoo Goes Down In Flames After Huge Scam & Fraud Gets Exposed



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  2. when people do things like this why don't people just sue them come together as one and sue him smh I never was a fan of his and people who follow him and trust in logan paul if they didn't do their homework before putting their money into this guy that's on them all they have to do is look him up and see who he truly is hate to say this but that's what they get you can easily google this guy on everything the way he come up and what he had done to become youtube famous and pass scams from his team like come on just because he's famous and his name has a lot of weight to it don't mean you should trust in their bad business people need to be smarter its 2023 everything is on the web to look up people smh lol

  3. Unreal how people believe these guys and not see it's all a scam. Yet they still put more money down smh. Well done to those making Logan Paul even more money 👍🏻

  4. image you are simp for some guy on internet enough to keep falling into his scam, then whoever get caught on it, deseve it, they has no sympathy from me

  5. Wow, you lost me in under 30 seconds, please stop telling people all gamers want crypto in games, that is just you and the crypto bros, all crypto shit is s scam now in case you forgot.

  6. I mean.. I hope Loser Logan goes to jail for this but…if you trust Logan or anyone in his familytree with ANYTHING.. then I can't really sympathize with you.

  7. Tezos (xtz) they were ahead of etherum. POS … it was already in place… And Smarts contracts . tezos is the future. web3 will not happen without them

  8. I like how Logan immediately backed off, almost begging on his knees and sobbing, the second Coffeezilla made a tweet that he was making a response video. He really showed his true colors there

  9. How should I ever trust someone who made fun off somebody who killed himself in the Japanese suicide forest while wearing the stupidest fucking hat, and later using a taser on a dead rat.

    Logan Paul is a fucking sociopath, how this dude is not in jail or in mental care is beyond me.

  10. hilarious. I have ZERO sympathy for people who lose money with crypto because… it's not… real. It's not a thing. You're trying to make money out of nothing. People are literally banking on ripping other people off because there's no tangible product or service, it's a gigantic circle jerk of people trying to out-scam each other. If you lost your life savings trying to make a quick buck with crypto and your wife left you and took the kids and house…. good.
    If you are a normal person and you lost money, I'm sorry but you don't have what it takes to play this modern day Game Of Thrones, you're either genuinely stupid or don't have the gumption to scam people.

  11. He always sounded like a con artist, I don't see after all these years that people can't see that all he does is uses people for money and a lot of black mailing friends and family and all. I watched him years ago when he was doing his show with kids showing off his house and stuff and I could tell then he was full of sh*t lol.

  12. First off, why would anyone think this punk is on the level? Fast talking idiots are full of shit to begin with. This guy has been scamming everyone from day one. Unbelievable…….

  13. The fact that some people still trust anything associated with the name "Paul" (out of these two brothers) is just mind boggling to me, I can't even feel sympathy towards them when they get scammed at this point

  14. You don't defend the people for not doing their research on the people who invested in. There is no excuse for deliberate Nativity. Always know everything about what you're going to invest in or you're a dip shit.

  15. I hated Logan Paul like everybody, then I started to like him, because he seemed like he grew up. Despite that it is still extremely frustrating that we live in a time where you can be famous and filthy rich for nothing. For not actually doing anything or having any skills or contributing to society. All you have to do. Is essentially have no shame and be a soulless human being. Clearly, he didn’t change like I thought. I think a large part of the degeneration of this generation of youth. Well, there’s a few things social media for one but also people like Logan Paul. Essentially adult children who like I said, become famous and very rich, doing nothing just recording themselves being a complete fool when little kids, SEE that. Of course, they want to be like that, I’m sure I would’ve too, who in the hell wants to get an education or go to work when you can become famous in Philthy Rich if you have a successful YouTube channel where you can do, whatever the fuck you want, and have fun every day and interview porn stars and make millions and millions of dollars doing nothing that requires skill creativity. Hard work. It is always joyous to watch these people finally catch that karma. Obviously. Until we either blow ourselves up, or the rapture happens, the cat is already out of the bag, and there will always be social media stars but hopefully as time goes on younger kids will not all want to become a fucking YouTube star, but instead have actual dreams to do actual good in the world.

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