Live Crypto Trading Results ( +$2,100 Profit ) | ATP Strategies Portfolio #2

Welcome to the second episode of the Series “ATP Strategies Portfolio”, a series where I will share real-time results of my carefully …


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  2. Amazing, I looked into this, but can't really figure out which of your strategies this is. Let's say I purchase TIER3 and want to utilize this strategy, which of the strategies would I have to state the ID of (if I understood everything on Patreon correctly)? Thanks in advance and great channel – hopefully it works as you are saying!

  3. What if you have a few trades on different crypto currencies running at the same time with the same position sizes and they are all in a drawdown. Won't you have to add up all the drawdown values? Thus, won't this mean that your drawdown values would be a lot higher?

  4. Thank you for all your amazing content AlgoTradePro!
    I have a suggestion for you: testing the indicator Standardized MACD Heikin Ashi (QuantiLuxe).
    I know how to work with it, but I would like to know the results your bots can get with it.
    I would like to see the backtest on the 5m timeframe of 10 of the highest market cap stocks, and in a data sample of 12 months.
    If its possible, use a TP on the 1:2 RR, which is what I usually use.
    Love your videos!🙏🏼 #MYSTRATEGY

  5. Hi ATP – Great watch – love the realism! In the case of a bad month or series of months what would your approach be? At what point would you refactor your algo? No need for an answer – just an idea for content!

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