LIVE CRYPTO TRADING – How To Profit $9,981 In a Week | 10x Strategy

In this video I’ll take you through my entire week of live trading to show you my exact trading process, the developments we have …


  1. Cool content! it seems like crypto trading is good, I will learn it later, actually I am a beginner who is learning forex trading in the nfc community. always success

  2. I really don’t like the thought of trade signals/alerts. It takes away from the learning aspect. How does one learn and grow if they’re wanting to just take all your trades. What works for you won’t work for someone else.

    Everyone has a different tolerance. So therefore signals will never work. I think that should be taken out if people are really wanting to learn.

    But once again. It’s others peoples money, so they can decide whether to take other peoples trades or not

  3. Im looking for some REAL beginner training videos. Like understanding what the hell im looking at. What is this stuff on the screen? What am I looking for? When to buy and sell? How can I tell? Who to invest in and why am I choosing them? You know…. REAL BEGAINNER

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  5. I am based in Florida USA and every time I go to phemex or bybit it says Phemex cannot serve customers in your country.. are these the platforms you use to trade?

  6. I bought your course and im in the premium discord. do you explain more about position sizes and how to determine on how much money to use on each trade? like every video; one better then the other!! much love my brother!

  7. Thank you for the motivation daer. I'm glad that you are finding success. I can feel myself getting closer every day. I've conquered my bad habits, over leveraging, revenge trading, etc. I've found my edge. Now, I'm starting to see consistency. Consistency is KEY, the money will come, don't rush the process. I'm starting to believe in myself more. Anyone on this journey, believe in yourself, never ever doubt yourself. I've struggled with self-doubt, but the more you keep at it, you will ONLY get better. God bless.

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