I grabbed some live footage of a reduce only order working properly trading Ethereum over on Deribit. This was for the people …


  1. Ethereum is struggling to gain momentum above $410 and $420 against the US Dollar. ETH price might start a strong downside correction if it clears the $400 support. Ethereum failed to set a new monthly high above $420 unlike bitcoin against the US Dollar. ETH price seems to be facing a couple of major hurdles near the $410 and $412 resistance levels. As bitcoin is soaring investors should be concerned with making profits, which is why I am currently subbed to the trade signals of vicente sanz and also his online courses on the rudiments of trading cryptocurrency, and I can say I have become a better trader because am well informed now and with his trade signals being implemented in my trade I have accumulated over 12 btc in just three months. I urge investors to find suitable and effective means to staying profitable always and it's safe to say vicente 's trade signals are top-notch and the accuracy levels are just out of this world and he can be contacted through WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818) or through his telegram (vicentesanz) for more pieces of information about his services.

  2. If you close a cross trade in profit/loss. But let's say in profit. Do you close vs the orderbook or to who do you close those profitS? 🙂 Thanks. the guide was very helpfull.

  3. Do you think that a cross could be useful once a trade has been confirmed as heading in the right direction? For example if I entered long at $5000 at 25x leverage and it moved 1% favorably (e.g. new price of $5050) and it looked as if it would increase a further 1%.. If I switched to cross after the initial 1% growth on my long.. for the second 1% growth could I return a percentage based on my entire equity or 100x leverage? Cheers.

  4. Excelente explanation, but, you talk just about the negative side of using cross margin. What is the real benefit of it??
    sir i have a doub, why when you entry with 100x isolate margin, your position start in negative??? is the same with cross???

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