Learn Scalping In 10 Minutes | Live Scalping Included

What’s up, guys and girls. In this video, I will be explaining how I scalp the market from home. Scalping is a good trading style but …


  1. All hail the “Hater’s”. Every last one of them a dweeb.
    You have one of the most informative shows on YouTube on the subject of trading (scalping). Don’t let anyone ever put a seed of doubt in you. Just keep doing what you were called to do , and know that great at it and getting better every day. God bless, and cheers 🥃 to you and your family.

  2. I'm watching the scalping videos from different people, and I am more confused now than when I started. What are you trading? An ETF? A stock? The title of your video should be how I scalp in 10 minutes not learn scalping in 10 minutes. Nobody's gonna learn scalping in 10 minutes from this video.

  3. 021914
    Request: Hey, Day Trading Addict for control on my risk/loss reward. Please can you put amount you used to enter trade, calculate amount if trade hits your stop loss. And if the trade continues to trend n Ur trade direction do U exit per your plan? Or change stop loss & pull % of profit? Determine Trader

  4. Bro said the market was in an uptrend, then added poorly after a late entry, lost money then closed the adds saying You Do not know what the market was going to do? Bro you literally said it,,, markers in an uptrend and you’re looking to buy. Make it make send bro

  5. I lost over $70K when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that's what everyone said. I'm still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I'm really grateful I find one source to recover my money, at least $9k profits weekly. Thanks so much Rolando Eric..

  6. idk why it say "learn scalping" it didnt really teach anything. i dont understand what exactly was the logic behind the trades except you had a feeling it was going up? i mean i dont see any indicators or anything to teach us your strategy or method. i wish you would took the time to do that because i am very interested in scaping nas100. (im assumin that was nas100?) forgive me if im wrong.

  7. youre the first person that ive seen actually read the market live and make adjustments accordingly. love that. just started learning/paper trading last week and using this strat im up $1500 in like 10 hours? gonna start putting more time into honestly. keep up the good work

  8. Thank for the update… <I will advise traders, especially newbies, to have an orientation of the market before getting involved. I must say trading offers more benefits than just holding, thanks to Rolando Eric for always keeping me ahead of the trend, so glad I started his program

  9. Im sure you make money trading but every one can’t teach these types of things properly. No offense but your videos don’t provide any real concrete information on how to trade properly.

  10. Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments. Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate the stability of the market and precisely when the change is going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks' been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.

  11. Levels are usually at bodies and not wicks. If you notice, the wick on the right retraced to the top of the body, probably to the pip.

    If you do this on the m5 or m15 to create your zone, then move to the 1 minute to enter, your profits would be so much better because your stop loss would be much smaller.

  12. Hi. Can you explain the fine details about the important part of size of stop loss, broker spread and commission, leverage etc.. the scalping strategy is easy really, everyone new can’t understand the numbers and entering from what I can see. Thanks

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