Learn Blockchain, Solidity, and Full Stack Web3 Development with JavaScript – 32-Hour Course

This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts related to blockchain, smart contracts, Solidity, ERC20s, …


  1. As far as I understood it hedera does work fundamentally different, right? but most of the stuff you explained is still applicable to hedera?

  2. We really need to know any other programing language before starting this course, till the time I am only familiar with c and c++ ?? Please clear this doubt I want to do this course ??

  3. I'm 13 hours in and this has definitely improved my knowledge in web3 development, as a blockchain security researcher and auditor this helped me reinforce a lot of stuff and also it helped me in a recent audit I participated

  4. I just finished the 32 hour youtube course today. I don't know if most of the people were just curious and watched the video for the first one hour and quit. The video course gained 400k+ views but maybe about 10k people actually finished it.

  5. I recommend renaming the isOwner modifier to isNftOwner so as not to clash with the onlyOwner openzeppelin modifier. Even though it's not used here it's close enough that people might get confused at a glance. 23:56:58

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