Kim Kardashian fined $1.26M for promoting crypto! #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #blockchain #money


  1. Most people don't know, but when the SEC slaps you with a fine, they can also go after any ill gotten gains from your illegal action. "Disgorgment," the official term, is the practice of reclaiming those gains made from deception.

  2. I wish they would punish companies and wealthy people with higher monetary judgments so that they actually learn their lesson. 1 million bucks is nothing to her.

  3. So why don't tv celebrities hocking pre-paid visas at tax time have the same rules applied, if you're telling people, especially poor people that don't have a traditional bank account where to put their tax return, even if it isn't a straightforward investment, it should still apply no?
    I'm shining the light on you Allstate man with the booming voice and Samuel L. 'there-are too-many-snakes-selling-high-interest credit-scams-to-their-brothers' Jackson.

  4. Reminds me of the time Bezos spent thousands on parking tickets because he liked the spot and the ticket amounts were nothing to him. Laws for us are “regulations” that are the cost of doing business for the rich…

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