Killer Swing Trading Strategy for Crypto & Stock Traders: VuManChu Swing Free + EMA

I tried to explain a super-easy swing trading strategy that you can start testing out today. We will use 3 indicators that you can find …


  1. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with a professional broker Mrs Silvia Morgan, her trading strategy are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade. Thanks so much ma'am♥

  2. Thank you for this awesome video, I have a small youtube channel, and I create videos about technical analysis like you. Can you please tell me what service you use for converting text to voice? Because it's almost unrecognizable from a natural human voice, I will be very grateful if you share it with me. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks friend, you make helpful videos you have a big heart. I just couldn't find the video "How to trade RSI divergence" , what you said at the end of the video.

  4. i will be forever indebited to you Stephanie and this channel 😇you have changed my whole life i will continue to preach your name for the world to hear that you have saved me from huge financial debt with just little investment thank you very much Mrs ,Stephanie Vincent.

  5. when you say don't be shy to test out on different timeframes do you mean on smaller timeframes than the 1 hour or larger timeframes. Furthermore, did you come to the conclusion that this this strategy is most effective when using the 1 hour timeframe?

  6. Do you have any strategy for a sideways market.
    It would be excellent if you can show your strategies in live market.
    This would make it easier for us novice traders and give us confidence.

  7. Thank you for this very interesting video. It was great if you basically tell how this VuManChu Swing Free indicator works. I look inside source code and did not understand quickly. The code is not easy for understand in this indicator.

  8. Another excellent video. Simple, effective, clear. It's generous of you to share your insights. My only slight critique is that I prefer your actual voice. Feels more authentic to me. Huge thanks none the less!

  9. As usual. YOU ARE THE BEST! trust me dude some people charge beginner trader for this man. But, you are absolute maverick keep this real for free. Massive respect

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