Keep This in Mind When Investing in Cryptocurrency

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  1. Holy hodling cow, the quality of your videos, both, cutting and speaking, is like sweat tasty chocolate icecream on a sunny day. Keep up the good work πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  2. My fear is holding a coin that I believe in but that no one else does. And it doesn't develop. And I'm left in the red because some company didnt use their start up money right. Or a larger scale operation came by and had a better approach. Or a larger wallet. Or what have you.

  3. Maybe you are generalizing too much. There are a great number of people who use only Coinbase or exchange wallets that I think are not counted by this explorer.

  4. Best best explanation of the fomo surrounded crypto currencies. Most of people have crashed their pockets buying altcoins months ago, if they didnt liquidated soon after buying now they fucked

    News mostly are have as a goal to deceive investors in favor of the big fishes.

    People invested way too far and now there is no more to buy in case BTC goes very deep.
    People fear of losing their investment but mostly of missing a great buy opportunity.

    I really like the way you put your ideas and understanding of the situation.

    We live in a world of illusions where no one teaches the real shit called reality.

    Your video was awesome and reflects the truth about crypto currencies. One must never give up on a dream or believe just lets be sure is not base on simple illusion.

    We are immerse in a crazy bubble…still believe in the technology .

  5. β‚Ώ πŸ’° Man, you only count the real bitcoins, but many people are #HODLING crypto in exchanges which are not on the blockchain. We are using it for investing, trading, cause there are not much places where you can spend BTC

  6. Really like the content bro, it must be hard to create vids every day, especially in the current climate. Its always great to hear about the market movements but its equally good hearing your thoughts crypto in general, please keep it up…

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